Reset and reconnect with ĀHUA Retreats. ĀHUA is a community of conscious creators, passionate adventurers and mindful conservationists with a desire to bring people closer to nature, to themselves and to each other.  We combine adventures in nature with reflective workshops with a experts in the field of psychology, performance and well-being to bring you unique retreats for active rest and exploration. 


Why Nature Immersion?

Like humans have a heart rate, the earth has its own pulse.

This is called The Schumann Resonance, and is now the accepted scientific term used to describe and measure the pulse rate, or heartbeat, of the earth. Studies have found that the frequency of earth, which is 7.8 Hz, is the exact same as the frequency of the human brain during alpha state, which is the brains frequency during wakeful relaxation. Further studies indicate that a person’s connection with earth’s frequency is directly related to one's own frequency - meaning that as we move further away from the earth's frequency, our own frequency begins to shift and decrease. This confirms a direct link between humans and their connection with the pulse of the earth, and further explains the therapeutic relationship between individuals and nature. Because the atmosphere is heavily inundated with manmade radiation and various frequencies (wifi, phones, electricity, etc), it is much harder to detect this resonance. Wireless technologies are drowning out the natural signal our mental health and physical bodies require to function optimally.

We need nature to balance our nervous systems response to stress, and we are nestled amongst the most plentiful natural playground with its arms open wide, simply waiting for us to regain it.

Why Human Connection?

Humans are social beings and always have been. Historically, humans needed connection in order to stay safe. We lived in groups to crowdsource our ability to build shelter, find food, and protect ourselves from wild animals or other groups of humans. Humans who lived together simply had a greater chance of survival.

We are also, by nature, a care-taking species. Research has found that poor immunity, a rapid increase in inflammation and sleep difficulties are more prevalent in individuals who identify as lonely. Further, MRI’s of the brain also suggest that social rejection triggers the same brain region as physical pain, providing a further link between social connection and physical health.

This is because humans are hardwired for connection.

The human body is home to multiple intricate systems designed to help you bond with others. Some of these include:

Oxytocin - A chemical responsible for controlling human behaviour and social interaction, sometimes known as the love hormone. It promotes bonding between mother and baby as well as romantic partners and friends. Oxytocin is released during human connection and has been shown to reduce stress, boost libido, reduce addictions / cravings, regulate sleep and promote feelings of calm, comfort and LOVE!

Empathy circuits - These circuits are found in a part of the brain called the supra-marginal gyrus. They allow you to separate your emotions from those of others, recognising that other’s experiences are different from your own. This allows for a deeper level reciprocal understanding to arise, prompting compassion and empathy.

Reward circuitry - The dopamine system is the circuitry in your brain that gives you a reward for completing a task successfully. This is why children can become addicted to games, and why many of us are addicted to social media…But this reward system is also the main motivator behind the good feelings we get after positive social interactions in daily life.