Wellness should not merely be an indulgence, but a worthy investment. We all know that employees and individuals with an overall sense of well-being are more productive, engaged and innovative.

Prioritising wellness is prioritising performance— both go hand-in-hand.

Organisational Development Workshops:

Taylored Wellness offers a range of customised workshops created to help you become better acquainted with stress - shifting it’s role in your life from foe, to friend.


1. The Pursuit of Purpose

Research suggests that those who associate greater meaning with their work are more productive, engaged and innovative. However, aligning our priorities and actions with a sense of purpose can be challenging. More often than not, we go about our daily routines and responsibilities on autopilot thinking things are as good as they’ll get. We settle for mediocrity. Consequently, we miss the forest for the trees when it comes to defining a personal view of success. This can be damaging as when we aren’t living on purpose, we stop thriving. This turns the simple daily joys of living into more of a struggle, diminishing our drive, leaving us uninspired and disengaged.

Reclaiming purpose, and realising our choice in the matter is pivotal in staging a positive turnaround for those stuck in what feels like ‘groundhog day living.’

The Pursuit of Purpose workshops guide teams and individuals to reflect on their purpose in multiple ways. Employees leave with a renewed enthusiasm and perspective, and take away practical cognitive and behavioural skills necessary for a richer experience of work and life.

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4. Be Well

Wellness is multi-faceted; integrating mind, body, soul and environment.

While accounting for individual differences and preferences, Be Well delves into the everyday actions which serve our well-being— from mindset to movement, nutrition, and everything in between. The majority of us desperately want to prioritise our well-being, but we simply don’t know how, or we feel there’s something missing. With wellness been a hot topic these days, combined with our tendency to overload on information, it all seems a bit complicated. In our culture saturated with endless options ranging from gratitude lists to paleo diets, to infrared saunas and hypnotherapy, we are beginning to lose the point entirely.

Be Well has been set up to integrate the most relevant and current evidence with simple yet highly effective fundamental wellness practices. The ethos behind this workshop is all about sustainability; maintaining wellness as a ritual that will fit seamlessly into the flow of your way of life, long term.


2. Stress Alliance

Stressors are inevitable and very often out of our control. However, what we can control is the correct handling of our response to stress through observation of the appraise and power we give to "stressful" situations.  Stress Alliance gives teams and individuals the tools to utilise the benefits of stress, and become empowered in the understanding of a stressful situation only being as stressful as we make it. When life throws curve balls, no matter how big and bad, we can learn to adapt, using it as an opportunity for growth - a welcomed challenge rather than a threat.


3. Inspiring Leaders

Developing skills to nurture the leader in you requires a deep sense of awareness and ability to listen and communicate consciously and responsively. Inspiring Leaders builds on developing strong leaders through connecting with their own vulnerabilities, strengths and passions. This workshop gives leaders the tools to develop and implement their own form of leadership skills and strategies within a team.


5. Meditation Made Easy

Meditation Made Easy aims to educate individuals about the benefits of meditation through parasympathetic nervous system activation, and taking control of your autonomic nervous system through a range of authentic practices. Meditation Made Easy first educates teams and individuals on what it means to experience good stress (eustress) and bad stress (distress), investigating the mechanics of our bodies response to stress and meditation, giving Meditation Made Easy a scientific framework. Understanding the how and why behind this recommended practice is imperative for an individual’s progression within the practice.


6. Custom

Customise your own series by speaking with Taylor about what you hope to achieve through an Organisational Development Workshop, creating something specific to your teams needs.


Psychometric Testing

Inadequacy in ‘person to job fit’ can have significant implications for employees attitudes and behaviours. When this tank isn't being filled it can feed feelings of career dissatisfaction, lack of commitment, disengagement and low productivity, which consequently manifests as high turnover rates and poor task performance. This comes at a significant cost for organisations, and can be avoided through the use of psychometric testing during job selection and job design.

Psychometric tests are used during the job selection process and job creation in order to provide an accurate, unbiased insight into an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. The data provided by these tests is calculated to profile talents, identify risks, and help us work together to implement solutions for developing and maintaining a more productive workplace.