Stress is inevitable, 
distress is not

This philosophy is the founding premise of the Taylored Wellness experience, fuelling the endeavour to assist teams and individuals reshape their view of stress and it’s place in our lives.  

TW is here to deliver functional techniques for wellbeing that challenge society’s current model and liberate people out of their conditioned responses, so they can regain a life characterised by lasting change and positive growth.

Imperative to this is the belief that friction propels progress - rather than seeking to entirely eliminate stress from the body, we can learn to be adaptable and fluid in our resilience to it.

Put simply, instead of just learning how to avoid stress, we can also learn to be good at stress.

Being an integrated practise, Taylored Wellness finds value in the progressive nature of collaboration, working alongside a number of experts in the fields of psychology and wellness. Acknowledging the multifaceted nature of health and human behaviour, Taylor’s approach affirms the understanding that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to our own personal development needs.

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Taylor was born and raised in Queenstown, New Zealand, but now currently resides in Wanaka. Her past includes 8 years of competitive ski racing for the NZ Alpine Ski Team, which saw her win 2 back-to-back National Championship titles, gather podium finishes, and make the Big Mountain Free Ride World Tour Qualifying scene.

After retiring from competition in 2014, Taylor took on post graduate studies in Organisational Psychology, which she is currently completing her Master’s in. Aside from writing her thesis and working on various Taylored Wellness and ĀHUA Adventure Retreat schemes, she is also completing supervised work as a Psychology Intern for the New Zealand Police as she progresses towards registration as a Psychologist under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (2003).