The Stress Alliance Workshop

What if stress could play an evolutionary role in our lives? What if it didn’t always need to result in burnout, anxiety, fear, conflict, illness and all the rest? 

…it doesn’t need to.

Whether it's in competitive sport, at work, home or in relationships, we are all affected by stress in some shape or form, and often suffer more than we need to. 

So rather than seeking to entirely eliminate stress from our lives… which can be pretty bloody difficult... we can learn to be adaptable and fluid in our resilience to it.

Which is why I've created the 3hour ‘Stress Alliance’ workshop, to be held in Wanaka on Sunday 3rd Feb // @ The Body Garage from 8.30am - 11.30am & Queenstown on Sunday 10th Feb // @ Sherwood from 8.30am - 11.30am.

This workshop will help develop practical, sustainable and evidence based skills for increased resilience & well-being.

Rather than “how to (unrealistically) avoid stress”... which can cause more harm than the experience of stress and anxiety in the first place, you will learn advanced knowledge and experience effective skills on how to be good at stress. 

Stress does not have to be so dam stressful. 

Invest in yourself for $60 and come and see what I’m ranting on about. 

You will be nourished with an off its chops zesty nut & seed muesli with berry compote, medicinal tonics and snacks, and take home knowledge & skills which you will have for life. 

Head to and follow @ahuaretreats for more details.

Hopefully, we see you there!



Taylor Rapley