The Paradox of Non Action

When your car slides on snow or ice, you turn into the slide, not against. 

When life gets uncomfortable, our automatic response is to resist. We are a race of free will, and have been gifted the ‘power’ of choice, taught from a young age that we are the master of our own destiny! This is true, but to what extent does choice serve us? And does choice ALWAYS serve us?

Choice is associated with control and control is not always possible. Things happen which lead to discomfort and suffering and more often than not, we don’t get to choose those things. 

We can choose how to respond to such happenings, but note, this is a response… not a reaction. Sometimes, the most effective response is non-action. To surrender. To accept it for what it is. Only once we accept, can we let go and move forward. When we surrender, we create space for something other than our busy, critical intellect to guide us through difficult decisions and uncomfortable situations. The non-action paradox may suggest that non-action, is in-fact action. In letting go of judgement, expectations and control, we indirectly change the entire experience, and the outcome. The solution becomes more obvious, the experience becomes more meaningful and before you no it, you on the right side of the road again. 

Next time you feel yourself sliding side ways, ride it out. See what happens. 

icy road.jpeg
Taylor Rapley