Taylor works with organizations, retreat guests, athletes and individuals in developing resilience for enhanced performance and overall well-being. Here is what they have to say!


Retreat guest - Andi Smilie

“Survive or Thrive was informative, enlightening, educational and provocative. I came away with a raft of ideas on how best to maximise my reaction to stress. Under pressure our reaction falls back to our habits... change the habit! Taylor's incredible knowledge around this complex subject is delivered in an easy to understand style - a complex topic with plenty of nuggets of info to digest. Ben's relaxed approach to the simplicity of cold water immersion was so straightforward that you entered the water with the reasons as to why, without reluctance. Once sitting in a 12 degree lake, it was easy to convince yourself to stay knowing the benefits.Andi from Dripping Bowl makes delicious food, and again, her natural enthusiasm for medicinal food is obvious, and hugely interesting. I would highly recommend future retreats based purely on the style that this workshop was presented. Relaxed, incredibly informative and hugely beneficial! “

HR coordinator of Heritage Hotels - Clair Bennet

“ It was an absolute pleasure to have Taylor come into our hotel during our Wellness Month to conduct a meditation and stress management workshop. It was very beneficial to learn the science behind stress and take home simple yet effective skills which enable us to take control of our nervous system. Given the high pressure our jobs often bring us, this was a great way to learn a new way of dealing with stress. Taylor was extremely personable, relatable, engaging and very interactive and we would have her back in a heartbeat.“



Director of Treble Cone Race Academy - Guenther Birgmann

"Taylor worked with TCRA athletes and coaching staff in performance psychology for 2018 NZ ski season. This was the first time TCRA invested in mental skills training for our athletes and we will definitely definitely do so again. After working with Taylor it became more clear that mental skills is a key factor in what is holding most athletes back from performing to their full potential. Having competed at a top level herself, Taylor's approach with athletes was highly relatable, grounded in evidence based performance psychology yet taught in way which was comprehensive for everyone. What I valued most was Taylor's ability to account for individual differences, understanding that no two athletes are the same, what may work for one does not necessarily work for the other. Taylor emphasized how we can use the body to change the mind, teaching athletes a number of ways to optimize stress through cognitive conditioning. Athletes who applied these skills presented huge improvements in their ability overcome challenges in both training and racing. We look forward to working with Taylor again in 2019!" 

Amelia Smart - 2x NCAA National Champion, Denver Pioneer

“ I’ve worked with a lot of performance psychologists who just teach you to always be positive, but Taylor accepts when you have shitty days, helping me to see that it’s okay not to be okay, that I can apply certain skills to use challenging, often frustrating moments to my advantage. This was honestly very calming and still helps me to get into a better mindset. Taylor was also super open about explaining the mechanics behind how I can use my body to calm or excite my mind. This has helped me continue to use and benefit from these techniques in both training and racing.”